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Using the latest neuroscience research, Robb Best’s Mindframe Seminars are a fascinating expiration of how humans make decisions and plot the course of their lives. Robb’s knowledge and techniques, delivered in his inimitable style, will radically change the way you and your team interact with customers, colleagues, and even family and friends.



  • Becoming a Sales Ninja: Parts 1, 2, and 3
  • It’s a Jungle Out There: Hunting and Qualifying new Business
  • Leveraging the Biased Brain to Justify Bids
  • Reading Body Language
  • The Art of Choice and Decision-Making
  • It’s About Time Management


  • The Marketing Brain: Four Essential Patterns
  • Building Presentations that Excite the Brain
  • Creativity: the Nuts and Bolts


  • YOU at Peak Performance
  • Leadership: Beyond the Usual List of Attributes
  • Whole Brain Strategy: Thinking Like Da Vinci
  • The True Motivators at Work
  • Change Fatigue: How to Avoid It

Please e-mail any inquiries to robertglennbest@gmail.com.